Elsevier announces the International Center for the Study of Research

(19 June 2019) A groundbreaking new Center tasked with examining and advancing the evaluation of research across all fields of knowledge production has been launched by Elsevier, the information analytics business specializing in science and health.

The International Center for the Study of Research (ICSR) will work closely with the research community to review and develop the use of qualitative and quantitative metrics of research evaluation to create a more transparent and robust approach to research assessment.

The mission of the ICSR will be to encourage the examination of research using arrays of metrics and qualitative and quantitative methods, rather than favoring one-size-fits-all approaches. Through its work the Center will seek to further the understanding of the sociological and technological factors that underpin the conduct of modern research, providing a forum for debating research evaluation alongside testing new hypotheses and fresh ideas.

The Center will draw on the interconnected disciplines of research evaluation, bibliometrics and scientometrics, science of science, science and technology studies, and the science of team science.

More details can be found from the original press release here.