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WRITEconference 2017 meets in Bangkok

Exploring how writing, research, and integrity are being shaped by technology for education (31 October 2016) Technology has created a learning environment which transcends the confines of the physical classroom and offers both educators and students a wealth of opportunities and challenges. At the core of this contemporary technological landscape academic writing remains a fundamental […]

October 31, 2016 1:28 pm

ProQuest releases results of its 2016 Space Reclamation Survey

(28 October 2016, Mountain View, CA) A newly released ProQuest survey of more than 600 libraries found that 82 percent of academic libraries consider space reclamation a priority or believe it will be in the near future. More than a third have prioritized repurposing space for more than five years. The survey revealed the innovative […]

October 30, 2016 6:28 pm

Ruth’s Ranking News Flash! Asian Universities fall due to changes in new U.S. News’ Best Global University Rankings methodology

(29 October 2016)  U.S. News released its third Best Global University Rankings on 25 October 2016.  The first edition in May 2015 (RR 11) ranks 500 universities on ten indicators. The October 2015 edition (RR 15) has 750 institutions and 12 indicators. This latest edition has 1,000 ranked universities with an additional 262 included only […]

October 29, 2016 7:41 am

Turnitin announces new content partnership with the world-renowned pre-print repository

(26 October 2016) Turnitin today announced that it has secured a new content partnership with, which will see Turnitin services match against the global pre-print repository. In addition to signing a Content License Agreement, arXiv have chosen to implement Turnitin’s market leading iThenticate service, to assist them in checking the originality of papers uploaded […]

October 28, 2016 8:38 pm

Changing technology allows Australia’s libraries to become community hubs

(27 October 2016, Sydney) New research has shown us that our local library must be ready to embrace changing community needs. An in-depth survey into the value of libraries as public spaces undertaken by Civica and the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Public Policy and Governance (UTS:IPPG), found a very strong belief that libraries […]

October 28, 2016 8:32 pm


近日,iGroup资讯集团(亚太)有限公司(以下简称iGroup集团)主席Mr. Lee (PoteNarittakurn)向中国国家图书馆捐赠由世界著名的动物画家、鸟类学家、博物学家约翰.詹姆斯.奥杜邦的《美国鸟类》第一版原作复制的21世纪珍藏版绘本全书。该套鸟类绘本曾被誉为美国国宝以及19世纪最伟大和最具影响力的著作。它不仅是鸟类学研究的重要资料,也是不可多得的艺术杰作。第一版《美国鸟类》的藏本在2010年曾被拍卖出7,300,000 英镑(约合11,500,000美元)的天价,成为史上最昂贵的图书之一。 iGroup集团和大日本印刷社根据原版复制的《美国鸟类》21世纪珍藏版绘本全书一套四卷,共435页。采用了8000万像素的相机对原版进行拍摄,并经过特殊的数字化加工处理,采用无酸的日本竹尾纸印制,由日本匠师经过几个月的印刷制作以及手工装订而成。绘本为特开本100CM长,68CM宽,整书重量超过90公斤。 捐赠仪式于2016年10月12日下午在中国国家图书馆总馆南区北轩举行。中国国家图书馆馆长助理汪东波先生出席并主持了捐赠仪式。国家图书馆国际交流处、业务处、参考咨询部、外文采编部、古籍馆等相关负责人以及iGroup集团主席Mr.Lee、iGroup中国公司、香港公司等负责人参加了捐赠仪式。 Mr Wang Dongbo (5th left) with Mr Pote Lee to his right at the donation ceremony 捐赠仪式上,汪东波代表图书馆韩永进馆长欢迎iGroup团队一行,并介绍了国家图书馆的基本情况。中国国家图书馆目前馆舍面积约28万平方米排名世界第三,有107年的历史, 1500多名员工, 3600多万馆藏资源。中文资源和外文资源的馆藏比例约为6:4。目标是成为全世界最大的中文资源藏家和国内最大的外文资源藏家。除了纸本收藏外,国家图书馆也购买了众多中外文数字资源。国家图书馆馆藏中还有很多个人藏家和机构的捐赠,这些宝贵的文献资源保存在国家图书馆,为国家立法决策和普通读者提供服务。 Mr. Lee代表iGroup集团很高兴向中国国家图书馆捐献《美国鸟类》这套绘本全书。Mr.Lee 介绍说,这套绘本书最初的版本已有200年历史了,那时还没有相机,没有现代化的彩色打印技术,作者在纸上用画笔手绘出鸟的真实形象(与鸟一比一的比例)。前后10几年才完成整套书的印制工作,非常不易。第一版总共印制了约140套,大多由国外图书馆和博物馆收藏,有11套为私人藏家收藏,在亚洲仅有一套藏在日本明星大学(Meisei University);在澳大利亚有一册藏在墨尔本公共图书馆,但是其中有页缺失。40年前,荷兰和美国的出版社合作曾经复制再版过,但是这些复制绘本也很难找到。这次我们和大日本印刷社合作,在日本完成重印,整个工程花了9个月时间,我们用一台8000万像素的相机拍摄,拍摄时用高光照射确保画面平整, 并采用凹凸铜版印刷和特种无酸纸。一套书的手工装订就需花4 周时间。一共制作了100 套。我们的愿望就是向中国国家图书馆捐赠一套,让中国公众和未来的几代人也能欣赏到这部两百年前的艺术珍品,让他们了解前人是多么努力的工作以及他们的艺术成果。 Mr Pote Lee (4th right) with Mr Wang Dongbo to his right admiring The Birds of America. 汪东波表示我们很高兴能够收藏到这套由iGroup 捐赠的《美国鸟类》,中国很多读者尤其是年轻一代会很有兴趣,考虑到这套书的大尺寸和珍贵,我们会在国家典籍博物馆采用展览方式呈现给公众,并再次感谢iGroup 的慷慨捐赠。 iGroup 是亚太地区最大的学术和科研资讯服务提供商,成员公司遍布亚太十四个国家和地区。捐赠仪式结束后,iGroup 团队一行应邀参观了国家典籍博物馆。 […]

October 28, 2016 7:54 pm

iGroup donates Audubon’s The Birds of America 21st Century Edition to the National Library of China

(28 October 2016) Mr. Pote Lee, Chairman of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd has donated to the National Library of China a copy of the 21st Century Edition of The Birds of America, a masterwork by the artist and ornithologist John James Audubon. The Birds of America has been hailed as a United States national […]

October 28, 2016 4:05 pm

Register now for the SCOAP3 Forum 2016

(25 October 2016) SCOAP3 is hosting its annual online Forum: an open event presenting achievements to date, current status and future plans. The Forum also offers an opportunity to ask questions, and give suggestions, to representatives of the SCOAP3 international governance and the operations team at CERN. The audience in previous years included librarians, publishers, researchers, research administrators and […]

October 27, 2016 4:12 pm

CCDSCR library conference held in Macau

(26 October 2016) The 11th Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources was officially opened yesterday at the Grand Ballroom of MGM, Macau. The two-day conference is themed  Post-digital Era – the Cooperation, Utilization and Promotion of Chinese Resources. On this event, local library representatives are expected to meet foreign specialists to promote an […]

October 27, 2016 12:35 pm

MIT task force releases preliminary “Future of Libraries” report

New library proposals meant to enhance “meaningful access to knowledge.” (24 October 2016)  An MIT task force is releasing a preliminary report featuring a set of proposals aimed at steering MIT’s library system toward becoming an “open global platform” enabling the “discovery, use, and stewardship of information and knowledge” for future generations. The report, based on […]

October 26, 2016 3:31 pm

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Information Studies Vacancy at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

(19 ‎October ‎2016)  the post is located at Pipitea Campus, University of Wellington, New Zealand and is an exciting opportunity to undertake teaching and research of high quality in Information Studies within the School of Information Management whilst establishing relationships with external practitioner communities. The announcement is here.

October 26, 2016 3:14 pm

Monash University Malaysia hiring Liaison Librarian

(25 October 2016) Monash University Malaysia is seeking an experienced candidate for the position of Liaison Librarian to join the Library and Learning Commons Unit. The successful applicant is responsible for providing a comprehensive information service, developing library collections to meet the needs of their assigned Schools and collaboratively developing and delivering embedded research skills […]

October 26, 2016 1:53 pm

NLB’s new app encourges ebook downloads to read on the go, including special book themed trains

(24 October 2016, Singapore)  Singapore’s National Library Board has a new mobile app offering downloads of popular titles including The Hobbit, The Life of Pi and the Lonely Planet series. The service encourages reading on the go. Working in partnership with the Land Transport Authority, NLB also launched two trains decorated in themes organised around […]

October 25, 2016 7:56 pm

Wolters Kluwer adds drug class monographs and other enhancements to Lexicomp online drug reference

(October 20, 2016)  The Health division of Wolters Kluwer, is enhancing its Lexicomp® drug information reference solutions with new content and features. All enhancements are intended to make Lexicomp Online and Lexicomp Mobile Apps more efficient and add to the wealth of information and tools healthcare professionals trust to support their medication decisions and help […]

October 23, 2016 9:27 am

RMIT hiring University Librarian and Director, Student Success

(20 October 2016) As Australia’s largest tertiary institution with more than 82,000 students nationally and internationally, RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. Its mission is to help shape the world through research, innovation, teaching and engagement, and to create transformative experiences for students, preparing them for life and work. RMIT is […]

October 23, 2016 9:20 am