Thomson Reuters collaborates with Australian National Data Service to raise the profile of research data

(Philadelphia, 5 November 2013)  The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters today announced a collaboration with Australian National Data Service (ANDS) to aid in the discovery of global data sets. The collaboration connects researchers to data repositories through the Data Citation IndexSM, a single-point solution providing access to quality research data sets from multi-disciplinary repositories around the world.

ANDS is one of a growing number of institutions included in the Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index. The collaboration ensures that Australian research is discoverable, properly attributed and reusable by other researchers. The influx of data from Australia also provides a wealth of new content that can be cited and furthered by researchers around the world.

Currently, the Data Citation Index contains approximately 3.5 million data records from nearly 130 repositories. Learn more about the Data Citation Index.

Read the press release here.