SAGE Publishing partners with Figshare to support wider access to article supplemental material

(26 April 2018) SAGE Publishing today announces a new partnership with Figshare, the industry leading open repository of research data.  This partnership will help us improve the discoverability of supplemental material we publish for our authors, as well as support the display of this material online.

Launched in 2011, Figshare is dedicated to improving the reach, discoverability, and reusability of scholarly research. It accepts a variety of types of material, such as datasets, figures, posters, and more. Enhancing discoverability, Figshare assigns a citable digital object identifier (DOI) to each file, enabling researchers to receive full credit for their work.

SAGE and Figshare are working together to integrate the new services across existing journal workflows, supporting SAGE journal authors by submitting supplemental material to Figshare concurrent with article publication online. The services will help SAGE journal authors to preserve and manage their material and collaborate on research projects, whilst ensuring their supplemental material is widely accessible.

Bob Howard, Senior Vice President of Global Journals, SAGE Publishing, commented: “SAGE has a commitment to our authors to enable and support them in publishing the best global research and to help facilitate accessibility to this research. This new partnership with Figshare will help to enhance our offerings to authors, enabling improved discoverability and public accessibility of their research supplemental material, making it more transparent through forward thinking services and content features.”

Mark Hahnel, CEO and Founder of Figshare, said: “We’re excited to be working with SAGE to showcase and promote their authors’ data in an accessible way.”

Figshare’s platform includes interactive visualization tools that help to bring research data to life. It also enables researchers to measure the impact of their supplemental material by providing metrics on how many views, shares, citations, and downloads they receive.

Figshare has been integrated across participating SAGE journals beginning in March 2018. For more information, visit SAGE’s new portal within the Figshare platform at To view the Figshare integration on the SAGE Journals platform, please see the following example:

The announcement is here.