ARTiFACTS and ies Consulting partner to expand use of blockchain-based platform in scholarly communication

Leading academic research consulting firm in Asia-Pacific region to use blockchain-based collaboration platform to enhance visibility of researcher achievements

(10 June 2018, Cambridge, MA and Singapore) ARTiFACTS, creator of the world’s first blockchain-based platform for scholarly research, and Innovative Education Services (ies), the Asia-Pacific based consulting firm focused on enhancing quality and global visibility of Asian-Pacific scientific research, have formed a partnership to advance the use of blockchain in scholarly communications. Under this partnership, ARTiFACTS and ies will work together to expand the use of blockchain technology to help academic institutions, their researchers, and funding organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region improve speed, collaboration, access, transparency, and attribution in scholarly research.

ies will train its clients on the ARTiFACTS platform and will also provide access for these clients to start using the platform to establish proof of existence for research outputs, share research artifacts, and provide and receive immutable attribution in real-time during the research process. Researchers will benefit from the ability to easily and securely share in-process work to speed collaboration and build reputation as research is conducted.  Academic institutions will benefit from the enhanced visibility of world-class research created by their investigators, improving their enterprise reputation and introducing new collaborative opportunities. Funding organizations will sharpen their understanding of the outcomes and impact of their research grants.

“ARTiFACTS and ies are both focused on addressing challenges in scholarly communications to improve the visibility of research outputs, accelerate the research cycle, and enhance recognition of researchers’ achievements in real-time,” said ARTiFACTS Chief Academic Officer and Co-Founder, Dave Kochalko. “Our partnership will help achieve these objectives, expand our respective user communities, and also enhance connections among researchers and their institutions in Asia-Pacific with their counterparts globally.”

The two entities have agreed to pursue implementations of the ARTiFACTS platform with leading academic research institutions and research funding organizations in Asia-Pacific. In turn, these institutions will make the ARTiFACTS platform available to the scholars and scientists they support. Collectively, this collaboration will bring the benefits of a blockchain-based approach to scholarly knowledge and attribution dissemination to a region experiencing rapid growth in outputs and interest from the global community.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to offer expanded research outreach solutions, helping researchers to improve the visibility of their work,” said Woei Fuh, Wong, the General Manager for Consulting at ies. “This synergistic partnership helps to promote open science and strengthen the values of transparency and reproducibility in th fast-growing Asia Pacific research community.”

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About Innovative Education Services

ies is a Singapore based regional consulting firm for the future skills of researchers, innovators and  professionals.  As  a  subsidiary  of  iGroup  Asia  Pacific,  a  regional information solution provider, ies provides  the  latest  skill  sets  and  world-class  technologies  in  resolving  individual  and  organizational challenges in preparation for the future. In the space of Scholarly Communication, Research Outreach is the emerging trend. All services from ies include: workshops, analytics, and technologies.


ARTiFACTS provides a simple, user-friendly platform, purpose built for academic and scientific research that leverages blockchain technology. Researchers can record a permanent, valid, and immutable chain of records in real-time, from the earliest stages of research for all research artifacts, including citing/attribution transactions. While today’s digital scholarship merely creates linkages among an artificially narrowed subset of indexed publications long after discoveries are made, ARTiFACTS focuses on capturing and linking knowledge from its initial ideation throughout the research process to informal and formal dissemination. By using the ARTiFACTS platform, researchers will be able to immutably prove ownership and existence of novel work, expand access to their research artifacts, provide and receive ‘real-time’ attribution for novel work and more comprehensively and rapidly build and demonstrate their body of scholarly contributions.

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