A new chapter begins: Books at JSTOR launches

 JSTOR has a new books program, Books at JSTOR, which brings scholarly monographs from leading university presses and other academic publishers to the JSTOR platform.  Books are deeply integrated with the 1,600 current and archival journals on JSTOR. All content is cross-searchable, and books are linked with millions of book reviews and from hundreds of thousands of book citations within the journal literature.

Books at JSTOR features: A growing list of titles in core scholarly disciplines:  Books from participating presses are already highly-cited within the corpus of journals on JSTOR.  More than 15,000 front- and backlist are currently offered through the program, and new titles are added every month. Flexible purchase options: All books are available in a single-user model, and thousands in a multi-user model. Books are available for purchase as individual titles, disciplinary packages, and customizable collections. Volume discounts are offered. A demand-driven acquisition option is also available.  Preservation assured: Books are preserved in Portico (portico.org), ITHAKA’s digital preservation service. Seamless integration: JSTOR currently has millions of book reviews and hundreds of thousands of book citations on the platform. Books, journal articles, and reviews are cross-searchable and linked in ways that make online research faster, easier, and more effective.

To date, Books at JSTOR has 26 participating presses, including leading university presses, scholarly societies and other academic publishers.  For a list of participating presses, visit http://books.jstor.org.

Books have been incorporated into the existing functionality on JSTOR, and tabs on the search results page allow for easy filtering by content type.  Learn more about books on JSTOR by viewing a tutorial at http://about.jstor.org/sites/default/files/general/BooksGuide112012.pdf.

(ACCESS 83, December 2012)