The 4th China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI) meeting

(April 2015) The fourth meeting of the China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI) was held on 9 to 10 December 2014, in Beijing, China.

The CJKDLI is a collaborative project between the National Library of China (NLC), the National Diet Library (NDL) and the National Library of Korea (NLK), aiming at integrated search and use of the cultural and academic heritage of the nations on the internet.

The three libraries concluded the CJKDLI Agreement in August 2010, and held the first meeting in China in October 2011, the second meeting in Japan in December 2012 and the third meeting in Korea in December 2013. In the fourth meeting held in the NLC, four staff members each from the NLK and NDL and twelve from the NLC were in attendance.

During the topic presentation session, the NLC made a proposal for the development scheme of Digital Libraries of China, Japan and Korea Resources Databases, followed by the NDL’s outlining the NDL Search cooperation implementation plan, and the NLK’s report on the current status of the construction of the CJKDLI Portal Pilot Site, mainly from a technical viewpoint.

This year’s meeting came to the conclusion that the NDL and the NLK agree to the aim of the NLC’s proposal of the development scheme, and that the detailed implementation plan is to be made by the Resources Working Group and approved at the fifth meeting in Japan. For the CJKDLI Portal Pilot Site developed by the NLK, the Management Working Group and the Technology Working Group are going to conduct further examination of problems in each field, and then discuss in detail at the fifth meeting.

The fifth meeting is scheduled to be held in the NDL in 2015.

Read the story in the National Diet Library Newsletter No. 199, April 2015.