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Internet Archive responds to publishers’ copyright lawsuit

Saying that the Internet Archive operates ‘the digital equivalent of traditional library lending,’ the nonprofit responds to four publishers’ test of ‘Controlled Digital Lending. (29 Jul 2020)  Following the June 1 filing of a copyright infringement lawsuit by four publisher-members of the Association of American Publishers—including three of the Big Five—the Internet Archive has made its scheduled […]


Publishers file suit against Internet Archive for systematic mass scanning and distribution of literary works

(1 Jun 2020)  Today, member companies of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Internet Archive (“IA”) in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The suit asks the Court to enjoin IA’s mass scanning, public display, and distribution of entire literary works, which it […]


Textbook publishers sued by college students claiming giants conspired to illegally monopolize

(13 May 2020)  College textbook publishing and retail giants Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill, Pearson Education, Follett Higher Education Group and Barnes & Noble College Bookseller are targets of a proposed national class-action filed by college students. The suit claims the companies conspired to restrict sales of textbooks to a specific online format from on-campus bookstores […]