SAGE debuts Terminology Service with open Social Science Thesaurus

(18 June 2019) Housing over 61,000 concepts, SAGE Publishing’s new Terminology Service is a valuable tool to aid researchers in understanding and exploring key concepts.

It launches with the SAGE Social Science Thesaurus, a multidisciplinary vocabulary of the most important concepts in the social sciences that combines concepts, relationships and definitions. Most of this vocabulary has been created by using semantic text mining to put structure around text content published by SAGE.

As a leading social science publisher, SAGE is constantly looking for ways to support the social science research community. The Social Science Thesaurus, with a vast bank of key concepts and ideas, brings the terminology together into one space. Researchers are now able to find what they are looking for, as well as related theories, quickly, efficiently and straightforwardly.

Martha Sedgwick, Vice President, Product Innovation, SAGE, commented:

“The SAGE Terminology Service supports our mission of building bridges to knowledge by opening up our Social Science Thesaurus for the academic community. Built around our peer-reviewed reference publishing, the thesaurus is a multidisciplinary hierarchical vocabulary of over 61,000 concepts available in RDF under a Creative Commons license – the likes of which will be familiar to researchers in the hard sciences, but which has rarely been seen in the social sciences.”

Explore the Social Science Thesaurus.

The original press release is here.