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Ruth’s Rankings 35: Come together: May updates lead to an investigation of Collaboration

By Ruth A. Pagell* (11 June 2018) The following three international ranking updates were released in May. 2018 CWTS Leiden Rankings, where I will focus on the Collaborations module 2018 Times Higher Education, with its ever growing list of Emerging Economies 2018 U21 National Higher Education system rankings, drilling down in “Connectivity” In addition, Malaysia updated […]


Ruth’s Rankings 19: Rankings from Down Under Part 2: Drilling Down to Australian and New Zealand Subject Categories

By Ruth A. Pagell* (22 June 2016)  Most universities will never reach the top 200 in composite rankings; nor are world class composite rankings relevant for most of the worlds’ universities. If you take the time to investigate the different rankers and their specific subject categories, you may find hidden performance gems at a subject […]


Ruth’s Rankings 14: SciVal – Elsevier’s research intelligence – Mastering your metrics

By Ruth A. Pagell* (12 September 2015) Master Chef is coming to Asian TV in September (2105) but if cooking is not your passion then open up the guidebooks provided by Elsevier and learn how to cook up your own world standard metrics. Articles in e-Access and Online Searcher examined Thomson- Reuters’ subscription analytical platform […]