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National libraries meet in China, seek cooperation

(17 May 2017) A two-day conference enhancing cooperation among key libraries in Asia and Oceania,  opened at the National Library of China in Beijing on Wednesday. The 25th CDNLAO annual meeting gathered 30 delegates from 20 countries in the region to pursue closer connections within this group, including exhibitions, training and sharing of information. The meeting […]


International Accord strengthens ties between repository networks worldwide

(10 May 2017) On 8 May 2017, several regional and national repository networks and stakeholder groups formally endorsed an international accord that will lead to the greater alignment of repository networks around the world. The aim of the accord is to improve cooperation between national and regional repository networks by identifying common principles and areas […]


“Connectivity most industries would die for” – Mike Roch, Heriot-Watt University

(3 September 2015) At 183 years old, Heriot-Watt University is steeped in heritage. It was founded as the world’s first mechanics’ institute in Edinburgh, training technical and managerial staff at the time of the industrial revolution. To this day, it’s still very much focused on technology, science and business – only now it does this […]