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The growing, high-stakes audit culture within the academy has brought about a different kind of publishing crisis

(5 November 2018) The spate of high-profile cases of fraudulent publications has revealed a widening replication, or outright deception, crisis in the social sciences. To Marc Spooner, researchers “cooking up” findings and the deliberate faking of science is a result of extreme pressures to publish, brought about by an increasingly pervasive audit culture within the […]


Eighty-two cases of offspring named as co-authors in South Korea

(29 January 2018) Some 82 cases of professors listing their secondary school offspring as co-authors in academic papers have been unearthed by an investigation by South Korea’s ministry of education, writes Aimee Chung. The discovery has prompted referrals to ethics committees at 29 universities – including some of the country’s top institutions – where the […]


China must restructure its academic incentives to curb research fraud

(7 April 2015) “The idealised view of science as the curiosity-driven pursuit of knowledge to understand and improve the world around us has been tarnished,” write Scott Edmunds and Rob Davidson. “Recent news tells of systematic fraud and mass retraction of research papers from the Chinese academic system, and allegations of attempts to game the […]