State Library of Victoria transformation secured, to help our kids learn

(29 April 2015) The 2015-16 State Budget will provide AUD$55.4 million to transform the State Library of Victoria, Australia, bringing it to the doorstep of primary and secondary students across the state and their families.

Minister for Creative Industries, Martin Foley, made the announcement today while visiting the library, which attracts almost 1.8 million people in person each year and a further 3.3 million online.

The project will also reopen the library’s Russell Street entrance, create a dedicated children’s and youth space, improve conference facilities and create a centre for digital media focused on new and emerging technologies.

An innovation centre will also be established, providing small, medium and start-up businesses with hot desks and spaces to collaborate, as well as offering tailored programming focused on building entrepreneurship.

The total project will cost AUD$83.1 million, with the library working to secure significant philanthropic support. Detailed planning will now begin, with redevelopment works scheduled to begin in 2016.

Read the full notification on the premier’s website.