SciencePOD chooses iGroup for its expansion in the Asian Market

(12 Dec 2019) SciencePOD offers Asia Pacific scientists new opportunities to increase their research impact and engage global audiences through access to the most trusted science content marketing platform

Dublin, Hong Kong, 12 December 2019, SciencePOD is pleased to announce it has partnered with iGroup as its agent in the Asia Pacific region. By introducing SciencePOD’s cloud-based science content marketing platform to the region, iGroup will help researchers and organisations increase their global impact. This move arises from a growing demand from research institutions and innovative companies to raise the profile of their achievements, be more accountable to funders and accelerate the pace of research progress.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the iGroup to make our content creation platform available in eight countries in the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to creating compelling science stories that will make the rest of the world take notice of Asia Pacific research and innovation progress,” says Sabine Louët, SciencePOD CEO. She adds: “Great science and innovative technology require commitment, expertise and creativity.  At SciencePOD, we believe, that great content too deserves nothing less.”

When it comes to accurately communicating scientific, medical and technological research and innovation, quality content is paramount.  The SciencePOD platform is a first-to-market collaborative content creation platform that will solve the content ordering needs of organisations, which until now had few high-quality solutions available to them.

“This is an exciting opportunity for iGroup to be focused on addressing the challenges in scholarly communications and helping researchers to improve the visibility of their work,” says Mr. Lee, iGroup CEO. “This synergistic partnership helps to improve the visibility of research outputs, accelerate the research cycle, and enhance recognition of researchers’ achievements in the fast-growing Asia Pacific research community.”

No other platform delivers the same breadth of specialist content in text, audio and video format that SciencePOD offers, as well as access to a global community of over 400 content creators with expertise in all areas of science, medicine and technology.


About SciencePOD

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