Repeat of the Joint EUDAT- OpenAIRE webinar “How to write a Data Management Plan”

(8 July 2016) The DMP is a useful instrument for researchers to reflect on and communicate about the way they will deal with their data. It prompts them to think about how they will generate, analyse and share data during their research project and afterwards. In this webinar Sarah Jones (DCC) and Marjan Grootveld (DANS) will talk you through the aspects that Horizon 2020 requires from a DMP. They will discuss examples from real DMPs and also touch upon the Software Management Plan, which for some projects can be a sensible addition.

For introductory information about Research Data Management you can check the recordings and slides of their previous webinar: “Research Data Management: An introductory Webinar from OpenAIRE and EUDAT“.

For more detail including date and time of the webinar, visit EUDAT.