PressReader acquires News360

(20 Aug 2019)  PressReader, the world’s premium newspaper and magazine platform, today announced its acquisition of News360 – a leader in content personalization and publisher analytics.  News360’s technology analyzes and attributes content from any given news story to more than a million distinct audience interests, and reaches more than 100M unique readers every month through its News360 app.

To advance its mission to support quality journalism and improve the way people discover stories that matter, PressReader will leverage News360’s two proprietary technologies — Natural language Processing (NLP) and NativeAI — within its consumer, publishing, and brand partnership products.

News360’s NLP technology will be integrated into PressReader’s aggregated platform of over 7,000 newspapers and magazines, allowing it to hyper-personalize the user experience by surfacing content relevant to each reader at the right time, in the right format, through the right channels.

NativeAI will be made available to PressReader’s publishing partners, giving them in-depth, actionable insights about their readers across all types of web presence, in terms of the content they want, the content they don’t want, and the trending topics that garner the highest engagement.  NativeAI will help publishers make more informed decisions in real-time about what content resonates with their audience.

“In a world where news fatigue is a real and growing problem, and media literacy a global concern, it’s more important than ever for people to have access to the trusted content they need in an engaging environment,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of PressReader. “By understanding each person’s interests, and building advanced data science systems around content analytics, we will be able to give our millions of readers the trusted media they want, how they want it, when they want it, and where they want it, while building more audience intelligence into the data that drives our publisher and brand partnerships.”

This acquisition will also allow PressReader to accelerate time to market – a strategic move given the unprecedented growth happening within the company.

“Integrating News360 technology into PressReader’s suite of products makes good business sense,” continued Kroogman. “The natural synergy between the two companies, in terms of technology, vision, and expertise, made the decision easy. Why build when you can buy the best?”

News360’s staff of 30 talented employees have joined PressReader in their Vancouver headquarters.

“I’ve been extremely impressed with PressReader’s extensive library of premium content, their distribution channels, and technology,” said Roman Karachinsky, CEO of News360. “Together, these strengths create a unique opportunity to provide readers with the best content the world has to offer.  By merging PressReader with News360’s NLP and NativeAI technologies, we’ll be able to build highly intelligent products that bring the most important and relevant journalism to people around the world, and I’m excited to accelerate this vision together.”

The press release is here.