Macquarie University successfully provides Overleaf accounts to over 40,000 students and 3,000 staff

(22 May 2018, London, UK) Overleaf, an innovative provider of scholarly writing and publishing tools, and Macquarie University Library have successfully partnered to provide all Macquarie University’s students and staff with an Overleaf Pro+ account.

The Macquarie University Library has provided this access via an Overleaf custom portal, allowing over 40,000 students and 3,000 staff to sign-in to, or sign-up for, an Overleaf Pro+ account which enables users to access all the features provided by the Overleaf platform. Macquarie’s researchers can use Overleaf for writing, collaboration and submission of journal papers. Additionally, lecturers and educators at Macquarie can use Overleaf’s Teaching Toolkit to assist with creation, distribution and management of student assignments.

As part of the partnership arrangement, Overleaf has and will continue to work with teams at Macquarie University to provide ongoing training, marketing and awareness-raising to help maximize the use of Overleaf across the university—to build a communal workspace with which to support and encourage a vibrant network of local, national and international research collaborations.

About Overleaf

Overleaf was founded in 2012 by two mathematicians who built a light-weight collaboration system and used it for writing research papers. It was simple and intuitive to use—all you needed was a web browser. This intuitive online platform has since seen rapid adoption across science and research, and Overleaf’s award-winning collaboration technology is now in use by over two million researchers, students and technical writers in institutions, labs and industry worldwide.

Supported by Digital Science, and working in collaboration with international publishers and organizations, Overleaf is helping to make science and research faster, more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific writing process into one connected place in the cloud—from idea, to writing, to review, to publication.

Most recently, in mid-2017 Overleaf acquired its nearest competitor ShareLaTeX. The expanded team is working to build an even stronger next-generation platform, due for launch later this year.

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