Kudos launches “featured images” to further increase visibility of and engagement with research publications

(11 Mar 2019)  Kudos, the award-winning service for accelerating research impact through strategic communications management, has enhanced its free service for authors with the addition of a new “featured image” capability. Images help to increase traffic1 and make pages more engaging and memorable for readers2. The new feature is enabled by an integration with Unsplash, a free image bank that provides a wide range of stock photography. Over 500 publication profile pages in Kudos have already been enhanced through the addition of featured images; a random sample of twenty howed that page views had increased by an average of 23% following the addition of the featured image.

Researchers can quickly and easily add a photo to their publication profile in Kudos by searching the Unsplash database from within Kudos. They can select either an abstract image, or one that is thematically appropriate for their work. The chosen image is then presented alongside the plain language title and summary that authors create and disseminate via Kudos, to increase the reach and impact potential of their work. Images are credited to the photographer and Unsplash.

Featured images are also incorporated in Kudos’ Shareable PDFs, which are used by authors to measure dissemination of their work via scholarly collaboration networks, and – uniquely – to compare this with other communications channels such as email, social media or events.

“We know that one of the key challenges researchers face is making their work stand out in an age of information overload,” says David Sommer, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Kudos. “It is also well known that images are more readily recalled, so being able to capture people’s attention with an image can help make your work not only more engaging and attractive, but also more memorable. Feedback from authors during our testing phase for this new feature has confirmed that not only is it quick and easy to add an image to your work – it’s also something that researchers really value being able to do.”

For examples of featured images already added to their summaries by researchers using Kudos, see our top 10:

The original press release is here.

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