ies Consulting, a subsidiary of iGroup, helps research visibility for academic research

(1 June 2018) It is increasingly frustrating for researchers to improve their research performance on the basis of citation counts. Based upon a survey of Nature, there was an indication that more than 20% of the articles in journals covered in Web of Science were not cited at all. This  contradicts the widely held belief  that publishing in these high impact journals will almost certainly lead to increased citation counts.

While citation counts shape the academic impact of research, another trend to be noted is the social impact of research, which is now a criteria of research assessment in  the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. To outperform both academic and social impact, researchers need to skill up to increase readership, attract collaborators, and secure funding.

ies Consulting, a Singapore based regional consulting firm specialises in enhancing  the skills of researchers, innovators and professionals. As a subsidiary of iGroup Asia Pacific, a regional information solution provider, ies Consulting uses the latest skill sets and world-class technologies to resolve individual and organizational challenges and to prepare researchers and administrators for the rapidly changing research environment.

In the  Scholarly Communication space, Research Outreach is the emerging trend.  ies has supported academic clients with its Research Outreach Solutions, a combination of customised workshops, analytics and technologies to boost visibility of research through research stories in plain language.

Working with administrators, libraries and researchers themselves, ies Consulting offers citation analysis to evaluate and strengthen each part of the research process; Training workshops to build the skills for researchers to advance their careers; and the ies Consulting social media outreach service to create visibility for the research output of clients.

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