China and Asia Leading the Way in Information Science and Technology

        (26 June 2018)  In today’s technologically advanced world, information science has proven to be an essential, far-reaching field of study, playing a role in numerous disciplines. China in particular has become a technological powerhouse in Asia, leading the way in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, mobile communication, cryptocurrency, and e-commerce. As an important leader in information science and technology research, Asia offers a comprehensive amount of research and studies in this field.

Showcased in IGI Global’s Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition (10 Volumes), countries such as China, South Korea, and Japan are leading the way as the continent offers an important viewpoint of information science and technology’s role in the modern context. With over 180 contributors from the Asian region, this publication provides an essential perspective to the field of knowledge.

Asian contributors highlighted in the publication include:

Prof. Yu-Jin Zhang from Tsinghua University, China. Authoring “A Critical Overview of Image Segmentation Techniques Based on Transition Region“, “Development of Image Engineering in the Last 20 Years”, and “The Understanding of Spatial-Temporal Behaviors”, Prof. Zhang critically discusses and analyzes image segmentation and engineering techniques across regions and over two decades. Prof. Zhang also examines the research field of computer vision and image understanding based on object position, attitude, speed and relationships in space over time. He inspects previous research in image engineering and proposes new techniques to improve the technology, lending an important addition to the encyclopedia.

Prof. Wanbil William Lee from The Computer Ethics Society, Hong Kong & Wanbil & Associates, Hong Kong is another crucial contributor to the publication. Prof. Lee proposes a new framework for protecting against data privacy breaches, as well as an exploration into technically efficient, financially viable, legal, and environmentally-friendly computing. His chapters are titled “Ethical Computing Continues From Problem to Solution” and “Hexa-Dimension Code of Practice for Data Privacy Protection,” and further add to the realm of information science research. 

Prof. Wilfred W. F. Lau from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China also provides his perspective through his research. His chapter, titled “Learning With Games and Digital Stories in Visual Programming,” examines the use of digital storytelling and games to engage students in learning and to enhance student print and media literacy. Prof. Lau discusses the theoretical applications and techniques of game integration in education, as well as empirical evidence to support game usage in promoting student engagement. Additionally, the chapter explores future research directions regarding learning with games and digital stories in visual programming.

The above contributors are just a small example of the wide range of perspectives from the Asian region featured in the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition. Other chapters, including “The Principle and Process of Digital Fabrication of Biomedical Objects” and “Bridging Between Cyber Politics and Collective Dynamics of Social Movement,” delve further into the realm of information science and technology, exploring the full range of applications and techniques of information science in modern settings and technologies.

Here are just a few testimonials for the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition from esteemed researchers:

The Encyclopedia offers readers a collection of more than 700 articles written by leading experts in the field of information science and technology. The contents are organized in 86 different category sections covering exhaustively main topics in the field. It aims to fill a gap by offering comprehensive collection of well-research chapters on the most crucial and emerging aspects of information technology, proving answers, new insights and opportunities for thinking and debate. Highly recommended Encyclopedia for readers interesting in getting new insights into key topics and emerging trends in the field of information science and technology, such as digital terrorism, IT security and ethics, web technologies, educational technologies, gaming, electronic business, and environmental sciences, among others. The publication covers all current key issues in the field now, proposing new conceptual frameworks and showing and discussing latest research results. – Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, University of Oviedo

The main strength of this powerful and reputable collection is to collect and provide knowledge regarding a challenging approach of those several repercussions of IS and T in the actual global economics. As the reader may find, when browsing towards more than seven hundred chapters, collaborations of hundreds of authors, from all the world, with various professional and academic titles, a lot of applicable, methodologically approached and intensively reviewed useful experiences are displayed, resulting in one of the most applicable documents in global literature. – George Jamil, Informações em Rede

I highly recommended this work, since it contains cutting edge topics as the majority of the chapters contained hot and buzz topics which are required for the 21st century via several stakeholders, including students, academics and researchers. Finally, organizations can benefit from this work as well as; since this work will guide the organisations to obtain new methods for running their work in an efficient and effective way and to make them more unique in the market. The editor, editorial advisory and review boards worked very hard to produce this exceptional job! Once again stupendous and marvelous job! Keep up the good work. – Tomayess Issa, Curtin University, Australia

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