Wall Street Journal to launch The Experience Report

The Experience Report, Sponsored by SAP, Will Share News & Analysis On How Experiences—The Interactions with Products, Brands and Companies—Drive Success

(24 Feb 2020) The Wall Street Journal today launched The Experience Report, a new digital offering that delivers news and analysis on the ways that companies optimize data, technology and design to drive successful interactions with their customers and employees.

The Experience Report will provide insights about experience through up-to-the minute news, interviews, explanatory journalism and videos. There will also be a weekly newsletter, emailed every Wednesday, highlighting the best of WSJ’s exclusive reporting on the strategies that companies use to create experiences that resonate.

“We are excited to tackle this growing discipline as companies increasingly focus on experience as a key strategic issue,” said Kimberly Johnson, Professional Products Editor at The Wall Street Journal. “From improving the user interface on their apps to applying data for better personalization, our reporters will cover what companies are learning as they use experience management techniques to drive results.”

As a sponsor, SAP will supplement the Journal’s news coverage with custom content that focuses on helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best by understanding what’s happening in their business, why it’s happening and what will happen next, and using that data to deliver the best experiences possible to their customers and employees.

The SAP content will be uniquely produced for the The Wall Street Journal Experience Report, entirely by SAP. The Wall Street Journal news department will not be involved with the creation of any content produced by SAP. The content produced by SAP will be clearly labeled.

The press release is here.