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Ruth’s Rankings News Flash! 2019-04: QS 2020 offers little to write about

Which top 10 universities have made the greatest gains in rankings since 2004? Who is number one in Singapore? What Asian country added the most universities from 2019? (24 June 2019) QS received more than enough coverage in April’s Ruth’s Rankings 40, where we analyzed QS 2019 subject rankings and surveys. Now it is June […]


Ruth’s Rankings 40: Deconstructing QS Subjects and Surveys

By Ruth A. Pagell* (12 April 2019) February marked the end of 2019 for the QS rankings with the release of its subject rankings. The list below reviews the results dated 2019 QS Subjects (February 2019): Depends on subject; see below Arab Region (October 2018):  King Fahd U of Petroleum & Minerals Asia Region (October […]