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India gets its first transgender library in Tamil Nadu to raise awareness about ‘Ambisexuals’

(24 Sep 2019) In a bid to create awareness about ‘ambisexual’ people in the country, a transgender library has been opened as part of the transgender resource centre in Viswanathapuram, Madurai. “Programs for alternate-sex children should be announced in the National Children”s Policy and transgender subjects should be included in the school education system,” Priya […]


Female scientists are considerably more likely to be mistakenly cited as if they were males than vice versa

(19 April 2017) Gender stereotypes appear so enduring that certain prestigious professions continue to be almost exclusively associated with the male gender. Michał Krawczyk sought to discover if scientist was one such profession by studying the citations to a large sample of academic publications and identifying cases of gender misattribution of the cited author. Although […]