SEAM digitizes Philippine comic books

(12 January 2017) SEAM (Southeast Asia Materials Project) has digitized two Philippine comic book titles from the mid-20th century, Espesyal Komiks (Oct. 1952 – Mar. 1961) and Pilipino Komiks (Dec. 1949 – Dec. 1962). Many of the comics in these two Tagalog-language publications were produced by Francisco Coching (1919-1998). One of the most influential comic book writers and illustrators in the Philippines, Coching’s works were often made into movies.

Espesyal Komiks and Pilipino Komiks are serialized comics whose genres include action, adventure, fantasy, and social critique. They will be of interest to scholars in history, art, popular media, and those studying graphic novels and comics.

Issues of Espesyal Komiks and Pilipino Komiks are available to researchers at CRL libraries.

The announcement is here.