Reprints Desk and Meteo broaden reach of Japanese medical information to life sciences researchers worldwide

Partnership with Japanese aggregator Meteo makes 1,368 medical journals and nearly three million Japanese articles available to reprints desk customers

(28 August 2018, Encino, Calif., and Tokyo, Japan) Research Solutions, Inc.,  a pioneer in providing cloud-based solutions for scientific research, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Reprints Desk today announced that they concluded the first quarter of collaboration with Japan’s content aggregator Meteo with marked success. Meteo, a leading provider of Japanese medical information, offers more than 1,000 Japanese medical publications to customers across Asia while Reprints Desk’s award-winning Article Galaxy research platform enables life sciences and biomedical researchers worldwide to purchase, rent or access scientific journal articles on-demand.

Joining forces, Meteo and Reprints Desk combine multilingual scientific content with extended global reach for their respective customers. As part of the ongoing partnership, three million Japanese medical articles in Meteo’s Medical Online database are now included in Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy research platform and available near real-time to Reprints Desk’s pharmaceutical, biomedical and other R&D-driven customers.

“Extending the reach of our platform services and shortening the research life cycle for our customers is a key priority for us. Collaborating with Meteo achieves both of these goals,” said Peter Derycz, President and CEO of Research Solutions. Yuji Tahara, CEO of Meteo, underscores the need of breaking down language barriers in search and delivery of published content. “Partnering with Reprints Desk increases our customer base and helps Japanese publications improve their standing worldwide, “ Mr. Tahara stated.

Corporations, academic institutions, and government organizations around the world rely on Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy solution for lowest cost acquisition of full-text scientific, technical, and medical documents, ensuring copyright-compliant access when filtering requests against publisher subscriptions and Open Access content. A cloud-based research intelligence platform, Article Galaxy combines on-demand research retrieval, scientific data analytics, and literature management in one platform. Article Galaxy features an ecosystem of app-like Gadgets and a Gadget Store for easy enhancement and visualization of data. For more information on the Article Galaxy research platform, please visit:

About Meteo

Established in 2000, Meteo Inc., is a leading provider of Japanese medical information and has been operating the Medical*Online database since 2001, serving 1,000,000 users in Japan.  For more information, visit

About Research Solutions

Research Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: RSSS) provides workflow efficiency solutions for R&D-driven organizations in life sciences, technology and academia worldwide. Our Software-as-a-Service platform provides tools or “Gadgets” that allow users to discover, access, manage and collaborate around science, technology and medical (STM) content and data. Our customers range from 70 percent of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies to emerging small and medium-sized businesses. We generate recurring revenue from subscriptions to our SaaS platform and transactional revenue from the sale of STM content. For more information, visit

About Reprints Desk

Reprints Desk, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Research Solutions, simplifies how organizations procure, access, manage, and use scholarly journal articles, patents, and other content in scientific, technical, and medical (STM) research. Organizations fueled by intellectual property choose Reprints Desk because of its collaborative business approach, efficient article supply system and services, and commitment to quality post-sales support. Reprints Desk has ranked #1 in every Document Delivery Vendor Scorecard from industry analyst and advisory firm Outsell, Inc. since 2008. For more information, visit

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