The next phase of Microsoft Academic: intelligent bots at your service!

(20 May 2016) Dr Kuansan Wang, Managing Director for Microsoft Research Outreach, writes in his blog that new technologies are being applied to Microsoft Academic, which helps researchers connect with the papers, conferences, people, and ideas that are most relevant, using bots that read, understand, and deliver the scientific news and papers researchers need to further their work.

Recently, Microsoft further enhanced the analytic content so users can see the latest research, news, and people, ranked by importance and credibility. Users can even drill down on the people, events, and institutions they care most about.

Behind the scenes, Microsoft has trained its AI robots to read, classify, and tag every document published to the web in real time. The result is a massive collection of academic knowledge called the Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG), which is growing at roughly one million articles per week. While one set of robots is busy gathering knowledge from the web, another set of robots is dedicated to analyzing citation behaviors and computing the relative importance of each node in the MAG so that users are always presented with information they need and want.

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