Meet the woman who used social media to build free libraries in KL

How one woman set in motion a movement for Malaysia’s first train station library

 (24 August 2018) It’s rush hour at the Ampang Park LRT station. Marcus Lee walks towards the exit leading out to the Intercontinental hotel. There, in the corner of the station, is the Books On The Move Library. People rush past the library taking curious glances at the three diesel barrels upcycled into bookshelves; blue, red, yellow, the colours of Malaysia.

Meet Carol, the founder of Books On The Move Malaysia. She has a large grey bag around one shoulder and a handbag in the other. Pleasantries are exchanged and she proceeds to check the books on the shelves. The shelves were full in the beginning and now they’re sparse.

RojakDaily has the photographs and full story by  Marcus Lee.