(15 Jul 2020)  IIUM (International Islamic University of Malaysia) created history last week when it was awarded the prestigious Green Gown International Award for the 2020 Sustainability Institution of the Year.


This was announced in conjunction of the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, July 8th, in New York.


The feat honoured IIUM as the first Malaysian recipient, also being the first in Asia as well as the Muslim world. IIUM was listed among eight other finalists among universities from Australia, Britain, Columbia, Mexico, the Philippines and Peru.


It reaffirms IIUM’s resolve to make a difference in the transforming the university based on the whole-of-institution approach. The Sustainability Institution of the Year category “recognizes sustained, whole-institution commitment and impact to becoming a sustainable organization,” with emphasis on at least three key areas: Leadership and Governance; Learning, Teaching and Research; and Partnership and Engagement.


The news in full is here.