Kudos partners with Research Media and Research Square to increase readership and impact for research publications

(22 March 2016) Kudos, the award-winning service for maximizing the reach and impact of research publications, has partnered with Research Media and Research Square to explore the value of professionally-created lay summaries, infographics and videos in increasing readership and impact for research publications.

Through these pilot programs, Kudos offers publishers the opportunity to sponsor the creation of a range of outreach support materials for selected articles and authors. The pilot with Research Media includes professionally-written lay summaries and design of infographics – giving a simple and accessible overview of technical research publications. With Research Square, Kudos offers publishers the option to sponsor the production of a short, animated abstract. These materials are then made available through the Kudos platform (and any other platforms where the publisher and/or author wants to host these outputs), and linked through to the referenced articles hosted on publisher websites.

Kudos envisages that these additional materials will help make research more accessible to a broader audience.

Initial pilot participants include Emerald Publishing Group and The New Phytologist Trust. Kudos is inviting further partners for the scheme.

The announcement in full is here.