“International Symposium on Libraries • Keeping Pace with the Times” held by National Library China

(12 Sep 2019)  The International Symposium on Libraries • Keeping Pace with the Times was opened in the National Library of China (NLC) on 9-10 September, joined by experts from more than 10 countries as well as local librarians. Sessions for different themes were held, including “Memory and Inheritance: Open and Shared Document Resources Construction”, “Transformation and Transcendence: User-Oriented Information and Knowledge Services”, “Change and Innovation: Technology-driven Library Transformation and Development”, “Mutual Learning and Integration: Win-win Library Exchanges and Cooperation”, and “Openness and Mutual Benefit: Multi-participation for Reading”.

For more information, please visit the conference website meeting.nlc.cn. (website in Chinese)

The original press release can be found here.