The Bibsam consortium in Sweden signs a “Read and Publish” pilot program agreement with AIP Publishing

(14 June 2019) AIP Publishing, a leading not-for-profit scholarly publisher in the physical sciences, is pleased to announce that the Bibsam Consortium in Sweden has signed an agreement to participate in AIP Publishing’s “Read and Publish” pilot program. Bibsam is the first research library consortium to join the pilot.

The pilot, which will run until the end of 2019, enables authors affiliated with the twelve participating universities to publish open access articles in AIP Publishing’s hybrid journals without paying any article processing fees.

“The Bibsam Consortium is a pioneer in exploring transformative agreements with publishers on behalf of a major national network of research libraries. AIP Publishing’s ‘Read and Publish’ pilot program will benefit from learning about their experience as we explore the shift from traditional subscriptions and hybrid APCs to a fully open access model,” said AIP Publishing’s chief executive officer, John Haynes.

As part of this pilot, AIP Publishing is partnering with a limited number of institutions around the world to test systems and processes. Haynes explained, “We look forward to collaborating with our pilot partners to assess sustainable directions that best serve authors, customers, editors, funding agencies, and researchers around the world.”

“Bibsam Consortium is pleased to collaborate with AIP Publishing on a model that enables the institutions to pay to publish their articles and opens up access for everyone to read immediately upon publication. We are glad to bring our array of perspectives to this experiment in the evolution of scholarly communications models and standards,” said Anna Lundén, Head of National Coordination of Libraries at the National Library of Sweden.

The original press release is here.