Turnitin announces new content partnership with the world-renowned arXiv.org pre-print repository

(26 October 2016) Turnitin today announced that it has secured a new content partnership with arXiv.org, which will see Turnitin services match against the global pre-print repository. In addition to signing a Content License Agreement, arXiv have chosen to implement Turnitin’s market leading iThenticate service, to assist them in checking the originality of papers uploaded to their repository. This move will help to protect the intellectual property of arXiv authors and allow Turnitin and iThenticate users to match against the arXiv database.

As an open-access digital archive, arXiv enables scientists from all over the world to share their working papers in a timely fashion for discussion, as formal publishing can take several months. Based at Cornell University Library, in New York, United States, the repository contains over one million papers, with a further 100,000 new papers uploaded every year.

The alliance between arXiv and Turnitin means that authors’ papers are protected from potential misappropriation and that documents can now be compared against the full arXiv database and the Turnitin database, the most comprehensive in the world. This also provides Turnitin with access to arXiv’s 1.2 million e-prints in subjects including Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics. Additionally, with the adoption of the iThenticate service, arXiv strengthens its data security and authenticity measures.

“This partnership will not only support arXiv in strengthening its data security and original content, but also protect the intellectual property of its authors,” said Mark Harnor, Director of Business Development for Turnitin. “The Content License Agreement ensures that the content of arXiv will be available for comparison by Turnitin and iThenticate users, ensuring any misuse of the content is highlighted.”

“One of the key findings of a recent arXiv user study, with an astonishing 36,000 responses, was how highly scientists value arXiv’s role in promoting quality and integrity in science,” said Oya Y. Rieger, arXiv Program Director. “We are pleased to partner with Turnitin as we strive to maintain arXiv as a valuable venue for fostering scientific communication.”

The announcement in full is here.