Three more universities join the eLibrary Myanmar project

(19 December 2014) Following the success of the EIFL eLibrary Myanmar project at Yangon University and Mandalay University, Dagon University and Yadanabon University (two of the largest undergraduate universities in Myanmar) and the Yangon University of Economics have been welcomed to the project.

​The eLibrary Myanmar project was created to support educational change at an expanding range of universities by enabling access to knowledge, and building the skills and capacities of librarians, faculty and students.

EIFL has licensed high quality international journals, databases and eBooks for the eLibrary Myanmar project.    Access to all eResources (which include 10,000+ full text journals, 130,000+ full text eBooks plus a vast range of other materials) is already available at Yangon University and Mandalay University. Access is currently being set up for Dagon University, Yadanabon University and the Yangon University of Economics.

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