Red Market Library offers 24-hour service on a trial basis the whole year

(7 October 2016) The Red Market Library, under the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), offers 24-hour service on a trial basis from 7 October. During the trial operation, residents can access the Library by scanning the Macao SAR Resident Identity Cards or Non-resident Worker’s Identification Cards on the self-registration system at the entrance daily from 8pm to 10am on the following day.

The Red Market Library extends its opening hours from 7 October on a trial basis, in order to meet the different living pace of residents in the district. The opening hours of the Library is originally scheduled from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 8pm. After its extension of opening hours, the Library opens from 8pm to 10am on the following day with the duty security and cleaning staffs. Residents can access to the Library for reading and other library self-services, including self-check machine and photocopying service.

The Red Market Library, formerly a Post Office branch, opened on 24 July 2012. A high number of visitors has been recorded since the library was inaugurated, it reflecting the avid reading demands of the residents in the district, and shows that the Library fully demonstrates the effectiveness of the promotion of reading habits. The Library features 73 seats and 8 computers with Internet access. It has a collection of approximately 6,800 books, 57 global newspapers and 62 types of magazines. It mainly stocks cuisine books, as well as literature, travel and leisure, medicine and health care and home economics books, to meet the needs of residents in the district. The Library also features a 24-hour self-service book return system, a self check machine, photocopier, desktop electronic magnifier and book sterilizers, among others. It also provides library card application, loan and return service, newspapers and periodicals reading, photocopying, free broadband internet access, searching on electronic databases.

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