Read your favorite publications your way – Introducing myCS

(13 October 2015) Say goodbye to hard-to-read static PDFs and say hello to search, annotate, underline, view videos, change text size & define.

Beginning January 2016, all magazines and transactions will be available as eBooks in myCS. This new IEEE Computer Society platform will make your publications more readable, customizable, retrievable and, ultimately, more engaging.

  • Great on any device – mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Customize your publication’s design to meet your needs through interactions like      annotations, the use of the integrated dictionary, and so much more—whatever your e-reader lets you do, you can do on myCS
  • Designed specifically for digital delivery and readability – no resemblance to a flat pdf
  • Save all your issues and retrieve them quickly in your personal file cabinet

Try the demo today and explore how easy, convenient, and user-friendly accessing all of your magazine and transaction subscriptions will be in 2016.