Paying for open access: two new Open Access Journal Reports published by Knowledge Exchange

(16 August 2017) How are authors of journal articles paying Open Access fees or Article Processing Costs?  What is the administrative burden for authors? And do their research organisations have an accurate overview of all these payments?

Knowledge Exchange has just published two new open access journal reports, both based on their recent study carried out among authors of six research organisations.

To share a better understanding of author’s perspectives on APC payments, Knowledge Exchange has carried out a study among authors of six research organisations in the UK, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. These organisations were very actively engaged which led to a total of 1069 authors participating in online surveys focused on their 2015 articles published in OA journals or in hybrid journals.

The main topics this study addresses are: Open Access aspects in journal selection, reasons for Open Access publishing, the effect of APC funding and policies and the administrative issues around APC payments.  The outcomes of this study also point to areas where more, and more streamlined, support for authors is needed.

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Download the abridged report: Paying for Open Access the author’s perspective‘ and the complete results of the study including references to relevant literature ‘The financial and administrative issues around article publication costs for Open Access: the author’s perspective

The announcement from EUDAT is here.