Norway: the new public library of Oslo is ready to open for the public

(11 Jun 2020) The library of the future is finally ready to open for the public of Oslo and all visitors to the Norwegian capital. Located between Oslo Central Station and the Oslo Opera House, Deichman Bjørvika is an extension of the 235 year history of the public library of Oslo. It will also be an exploration of what a library can be.

Stretching over six floors and 13, 500 square meters (approx. 1,4 millon square feet) you will find books – 450,000 of them – but also other offers and activities. You can visit the children’s section with all its playful hiding places, watch movies with your friends, make podcasts, learn to play the piano, sew a dress, use the 3D printers, enjoy the view of the Oslo Fjord or just admire the architecture by Lundhagem Architects and Atelier Oslo.

The original plan was to open Deichman Bjørvika to the public on March 28th 2020. However, Covid-19 and the national lockdown in March put a stop to that. In a week’s time, on June 18, Library Director Knut Skansen can finally let patrons and visitors into the new main library.

More information can be found here.