Library of Congress honors Asia Foundation for promoting literacy

(14 September 2017, Washington, DC)  The Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia program was recently selected as a 2017 Library of Congress Literacy Awards Program Best Practice Honoree. At the Library of Congress National Book Festival gala earlier this month, the Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden announced the winners of the 2017 Library of Congress Literacy Awards, which included Books for Asia’s honor for “implementation of best practices in literacy promotion.”

The Literacy Awards honor organizations working to promote literacy and reading in the United States and worldwide. The awards recognize groups doing exemplary, innovative and replicable work, and they spotlight the need for the global community to unite in striving for universal literacy. “Literacy is the first line of defense against so many problems—unemployment, hunger, poor health—and gives people a foundation for a brighter future,” said Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden.

The Asia Foundation was selected for its “success in applying research-validated practices to promote literacy serves as a valuable model for other organizations seeking to create evidence-based literacy programs.”

Books for Asia puts brand-new books and digital content into the hands of students, educators, and leaders in 20 countries in Asia. Through technology initiatives and book donations, The Asia Foundation’s longest-running program provides high-quality books to over 7,000 institutions, impacting more than 9 million people annually.

While print remains the most effective means of delivering information in many parts of the developing world, mobile technology’s increasing affordability suggests e-books hold the promise of becoming a cost-effective, scalable model. Learn more about Books for Asia’s digital initiative, Let’s Read!

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The announcement is here.