Identifying Open Science skills for library staff & researchers

(10 MAR 2020)  From LIBER:

The array of knowledge, skills and competencies needed to practice Open Science (OS) effectively can be daunting for many librarians and researchers, particularly those who are new to OS concepts and practices.  Identifying which skills are needed is the first step for anyone wishing to upskill themselves or others in OS. 

In 2019, our Digital Skills for Library Staff and Researchers Working Group embarked on a project to define the skills needed for OS, and to align them with LIBER’s 2018-2022 Strategy. After several months of work we now have this Open Science Skills visualisation, which identifies the skills and knowledge needed to practice OS effectively.

The visualisation is licensed CC BY for reuse, and can be downloaded from Zenodo.

More can be found from the original post here.