ExamSoft announces partnership with iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd

(1 August 2016, Dallas, Texas) ExamSoft Worldwide, an embedded-assessment software company based in Dallas, Texas, has partnered with the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd to bring its leading testing analytics platform to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to provide academic support to leading educational institutions.

ExamSoft’s unique assessment software not only enables academic institutions to deliver secure, offline exams to students, but also provides educators with valuable student performance data and analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions on student remediation and curricular revision to assist with overall institutional improvement.

Many of the programs utilizing ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment tools have seen growth in student achievement and retention rates, lowered programmatic costs, and increased faculty/student satisfaction. This track record of success has helped the company grow worldwide, resulting in increased demand in APAC from institutions looking to better prepare students for a global economy and increase their competitive edge.

“Increased regional demand had us looking for a partner who would represent us well, and the iGroup was a natural selection for this relationship,” said ExamSoft CEO Sebastian Vos. “Its established reputation for excellence within the Asia-Pacific education market brings the localized voice, market experience, and support needed by educational institutions in the region. Moving into a new region comes with new challenges and obstacles. iGroup will be the catalyst to ensure this initiative is successful. Our goal is to ensure educational leaders in the APAC region know who we are and how we can help them achieve their academic goals. iGroup will help us spread that message in a more consistent and substantial way.”

With iGroup acting in both a training and support role on ExamSoft’s behalf, it will in many respects be the face of the company within the region.

“With our partnership, ExamSoft will receive top-tier localized support from our regional offices in an effort to establish its presence in crucial Asian markets. iGroup is eager to share this premier technology with our extensive educational connections,” said Pote N. Lee, CEO of iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. “We are very enthusiastic to provide leading technologies to educators across the world, and ExamSoft is a tremendous addition to our portfolio.”

About ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

ExamSoft provides a scalable and flexible assessment software that gives educators actionable outcomes data and insights to improve student learning and academic achievement. Its embedded-assessment platform provides the data faculty and administrators need to more efficiently administer direct assessments and analyze resulting data to improve curricular design, test design, and accreditation compliance. ExamSoft has served more than a thousand prominent academic, certification, and licensing institutions for more than 17 years and has successfully administered millions of exams.  Visit ExamSoft Worldwide here: learn.examsoft.com/  

About iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd

Employing in excess of 1,000 staff and serving more than 2,000 institutional customers region-wide, iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd currently operates in 16 countries and counting. A “one-stop” shop for information products and library technologies, its customer base spans academic institutions and libraries, and healthcare, government, research and corporate markets.

Visit the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd here: www.igroupnet.com

Contact Lim Ching, Product Manager, here: limching@igroupnet.com