E-Pustakalaya and library training completed in Police Officers Training Center Chitwan, Nepal

(20 April 2016) The Nepal Library Foundation completed library management training, provided books and computers; and installed e-pustakalaya server in Middle Region Police Training Center of the Government of Nepal in April 2015.

Mr. Ramesh Kharel, Senior Superintendent of Nepal Police and head of the Training Center requested NLF assistance in upgrading the existing library in the Training center after witnessing NLF’s work in the development of the library in Laxmi Secondary School in Chitawan. Mr. Som Sapkota coordinated the project and fund raising efforts. Police Officers and their families use the library. Dr. Vijay Jha and Mr. Kapil Thapa contributed computers.

Mr. Kharel says the library has changed the culture in the academy. “Officers are spending much of the leisure time in the library. This is quite heartening. They seem to be anxious to learn how policing is done in other parts of the world. The demand for new books and police magazines, particularly covering police investigative stories has escalated”. Naresh Koirala, President of NLF, visited the Training Center library in 2015. The library now has nearly 50 computers, which are being used extensively as a resource for expansion of knowledge.

The Nepal Library Foundation has the story.