Celebrating 45 years of the Australian Institute of Criminology library

(28 Oct 2019) In 2019, the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) library is celebrating 45 years of being Australia’s national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice. It’s the library of choice for Home Affairs and other departments, academics and the general public, with its independent research being highly valued.

Michael Phelan APM, Director AIC, explained, “The JV Barry Library has been an important contributor to Australian criminology and the Australian library sector since its establishment in the mid-1970s. While its primary purpose is to support Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) researchers, the library also provides information and services to a wide range of other stakeholders, including the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

“The library has been maintained as an integral part of the AIC, representing the Institute’s high regard for quality information and the evidence base. Some of the library’s key services are its 11,543 hard copy books—a small number compared to the library catalogue which has more than 93,000 crime and justice related items. More than 100 new items are added to the catalogue each month. The library also provides literature searches and document delivery. Our library saves us valuable time by efficiently sourcing and supplying hard to access material.”

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