Call for papers: Librarian fashion: what does the way we dress say about us?

(30 December 2017) The topic of Librarian Fashion opens a myriad of questions: Should librarians wear a uniform? Can we wear tattoos? Should we dress with dignity – and what does dignity mean? What about piercings? Jewels? Religious or political symbols? Does it depend on a personal choice, on the country we live in, or on the position we hold in the library? Should a library director dress like a librarian or like a director? Do you believe in enclothed cognition?

This session at IFLA WLIC 2018 aims at walking the audience through the image we give our patrons, communities and, to a lesser extent, our colleagues.

IFLA  would like to address these issues traditionally, through a call for papers and an international survey, from the point of view of sociology, geography and library sciences. Nevertheless, the topic is an opportunity to challenge the rules of IFLA sessions, for instance through a visual moment or a participatory event.

All the details are here and here: WLIC2018 Call for papers page.