Taiwan: NCL offers express materials delivery service to assist researchers during the pandemic

(May 2020)  From Taiwan: As the coronavirus pandemic continues, National Central Library is now offering a Knowledge Quick Access materials delivery service to aid in obtaining needed materials
during the pandemic. It is also providing instant online reference services and a resource users’
guide via its Online Reference Help website to assist patrons in finding what they need in the

NCL Director-General Shu-hsien Tseng stated that in an effort to reduce the use of public transportation, and limit risks of infection by coming to the library, NCL has begun offering
Knowledge Quick Access service to deliver photocopies or scans of library materials. After
submitting an application, NCL will double check with the patron on the desired materials. Within
three days, theses, dissertations, or periodicals can be photocopied or scanned and sent to the
patron. The materials can also be picked up at the Knowledge Quick Access window at NCL
(located at NCL Library Card service counter) without having to enter the library and personally
find materials. The materials can also be mailed to the patron at the patron’s expense. For those
who live in the middle or south of Taiwan, this eliminates the need to travel up to Taipei to get
needed materials.

On March 12, 2020, a resource users’ guide website was launched called “Online Reference
Help.” The site provides online reference services and instant chat capabilities through Lines and
other mediums. Users can use the “I have a question” feature or the NCL Reference Line (ID:
nclrefservice) to consult with and get an instant answer from an expert. These experts will guide
users on how to make use of NCL’s abundant online resources.

Director-General Tseng pointed out that everyone has a part in stopping the spread of the virus. Through computers and the internet, the public does not need to leave their doors to be able continue to access NCL resources that are always improving.

Source: National Central Library Newsletter