House to build Indonesia’s ‘Library of Congress’

(23 March 2016) The Jakarta Post reports that the spotlight is on the House of Representatives for its grandiose plan to build the largest library in Southeast Asia in the legislative complex in Central Jakarta.

The design is said to imitate that of the US Library of Congress. House Speaker Ade Komarudin revealed the plan on Tuesday after a closed-door meeting with noted intellectuals, including poet Nirwan Dewanto, writer Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka, Rizal Mallarangeng, Ulil Abshar Abdala and Nong Darol Mahmada. All of them are organizers and on the management board of the Freedom Institute Library under Bakrie Group, a diversified business group owned by Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie.

Ade said the library would be world class and that the design had been inspired by the US Library of Congress, which holds 36 million books, and is expected to beat Singapore’s National Library, currently the largest in Southeast Asia.

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