Elsevier releases 2019 CiteScore

(9 Jun 2020)  CiteScore 2019 values are now available in Scopus!

Enhanced CiteScore methodology

CiteScore 2019 has a new and enhanced methodology based on customer feedback, and industry expertise, ensuring that CiteScore remains comprehensives, current, clear and free.

The new methodology will also be used to retrospectively calculated CiteScore values for all previous years (2011 – 2018) to allow for clear and fair trend analysis over years. The changes which you will see are:

Adjusting the methodology to include typically peer-reviewed publications.

Allowing for fairer comparison between journals, by including only peer-reviewed publication types (articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters and data papers) in both the citation numerator and publication denominator, it makes the comparison between journals more robust. Previously, all publications were included in the calculations (non-peer reviewed article types like editorials, news items, letters, notes).

Including publications in the most recent year

Publications in the four years up to and including the calculation year will now be included, which means that CiteScore can be calculated for journals with just a single year of publication, giving new journals – including many Open Access and China-focused journals – a first indication of their citation impact one year earlier.

Longer citation window (4 years instead of 1 year).

Citations will now be counted cumulatively, from the year of publication until the end of the calculation window, which is up to four years. This means that all citations received by publications in this period are counted towards CiteScore values, allowing a more robust assessment. In the past, citations were counted for the previous year only.

Display only 1 decimal values.

CiteScore values are displayed to one decimal place in order to avoid an impression of precision, in line with industry best-practice. Previously, CiteScore values were displayed to two decimal places.

Read the full announcement from Elsevier here.