China releases catalog of key publications for rural libraries

(21 May 2020) From Xinhuanews:

China’s National Press and Publication Administration has released a catalog of key publications for rural libraries in 2020.

Altogether 1,781 kinds of books, 113 types of audio and video products and e-publications, 310 kinds of publications in ethnic minority languages, 31 kinds of newspapers and 155 types of periodicals were included in the catalog, according to Thursday’s China Press Publication Radio Film and Television Journal.

The administration has required that, in terms of variety and quantity, no less than 70 percent of the publications provided by rural libraries should come from the catalog.

It has also asked provincial-level press and publication bureaus to ensure that no less than 60 kinds of books are updated by every rural library per year, with no less than four reading activities held. Enditem.

Source: Xinhuanews