BRICS alliance of libraries sign outcome documents

(30 July 2017) On 6 July 2017, during the Second Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Culture, Han Yongjin, Director of the National Library of China (NLC), Adam Jayme Muniz, Director General, Department of International Promotion, the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, Mikhail Afanasev, Director General, State Public Historical Library, Russia, Arun Kumar Chakraborty, Director General of National Library of India, Gerald Vusithemba Ndima, Minister’s Representative and Director General, Department of Arts and Culture of South Africa, signed the Outcome Documents of BRICS Alliance of Libraries in the presence of BRICS ministers of the Ministry of Culture, marking the official establishment of the BRICS Library Consortia.

In March 2017, the NLC put forward the proposal of establishing the BRICS Alliance of Libraries. After four months discussions with the guidance of the Bureau for External Cultural Relations, the Ministry of Culture of China announced that BRICS has reached a consensus on holding forums, co-holding exhibitions, co-developing a digital library, ancient books preservation and conservation, cooperative development and sharing of resources, and so on.

The announcement in full is here.