Bangladesh libraries attract new audiences for reading

(23 December 2015) At Shromo Kallyan Public Library in Rangpur division in northwest Bangladesh, the librarian helps children learn Bangla language letters using a tablet app.

As part of Beyond Access’s cooperation with Save the Children on the USAID-funded READ program in Bangladesh, 20 public libraries throughout the country have begun offering early-grade reading services to children and parents in their communities. While Bangladesh hosts more than 5,200 public libraries including those run by governments and NGOs, they have tended to serve older students and adults, missing an opportunity to serve as part of the country’s drive for children’s literacy.

Through the Beyond Access program, a group of library staff have been trained over the past year in using tablet computers and other materials to bring in younger learners and their families to supplement reading education at schools. Throughout the network, libraries are beginning to offer innovative reading activities previously unavailable in their communities and are providing a welcoming, informal space where children can learn to associate reading with fun and enjoyment.

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