Yewno includes all Cambridge University Press digitized content in its knowledge discovery product

(26 September 2017, Redwood City, CA)  Yewno Discover will now be dramatically enhanced by the inclusion of Cambridge University Press’ full digitized academic content. Over the last 2 years, the knowledge discovery product has benefited from the inclusion of Cambridge University Press journal articles. Yewno’s relationship with the Press has now deepened with the inclusion of their full digital content, as the Discover product continues to prove its potential as a vital tool for researchers and students.

Yewno Discover maps over 600 million semantic connections among concepts that are extracted from the full text of academic content provided. Those connections link to over 120 million articles, books, and database assets. Easily navigating the intuitive platform, users search concepts and connections between concepts, engaging in serendipitous and lateral interdisciplinary discovery, and uncovering key resources in each area. Discover was developed not only with consideration of the ‘how’ of discovery, but crucially, of the ‘why’. The tool was developed for the Education sector to transform the research experience into creative, organic discovery; inviting users to be more curious and explore more deeply.

“We are very excited to work with Yewno to support researchers in their content discovery, to help improve content connections and to ensure a link to the version of record of the published material.” Chris Fell, Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships, Academic; Cambridge University Press.

“By including content in Yewno Discover, publishers like Cambridge University Press benefit from increased discoverability, while students and researchers gain an enriched knowledge discovery experience as more content is added.” comments Yewno co-founder Ruth Pickering. “The addition of the full digitized collection of high quality Cambridge University Press content is a significant enhancement to Discover.”

Yewno welcomes further content from a wide range of academic and professional sources and encourages contact from Publishers and content providers to discuss how Yewno might help improve their discoverability through the Discover platform.

About Yewno

Founded in 2014, Yewno is helping people uncover the undiscovered through its inference engine, which introduces an entirely new approach to knowledge discovery. Mimicking the human brain, the Yewno inference engine incorporates machine learning, cognitive science, neural networking, and computational linguistics into a highly visual solution to enhance human understanding by correlating concepts across vast volumes of text. In the Education vertical, Yewno’s Discover platform is a research product available to support scholars, teachers and students and is used at leading schools and libraries around the world, including Harvard, MIT and Stanford. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and with offices in London, Yewno is backed by prominent investors including Pacific Capital and currently has numerous partnerships worldwide across top universities, publishers and content aggregators. For more information on Yewno or the upcoming launch of the Yewno Unearth product which supports needs of publishers and content curators, please visit

About Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press is part of the University of Cambridge. It furthers the University’s mission by disseminating knowledge in the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Its extensive peer-reviewed publishing lists comprise 50,000 titles covering academic research and professional development, as well as school-level education and English language teaching. Playing a leading role in today’s international marketplace, Cambridge University Press has more than 50 offices around the globe, and it distributes its products to nearly every country in the world.

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